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Shrenik Shah, Cancer Conqueror, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Jasveer| author of my biography, "SHAHENSHAH" | we never met in person but our digital connection is much more than meeting in person | his nickname as I like, PenStation | Author | soulful | committed & dedicated | wonderful friend | intelligent | caring & supportive - Linkedin


Dr Vijayakumar T, Founder, SHEACO Consulting

Jasveer is a wonderful person to work with. He is fast and responsive, very thorough in whatever he does, very flexible, adaptive and a team player. Jasveer has excellent communication skills and can work in any kind of environment, culture and society. He has good liaison ability and a thoughtful writer as well. He has managed teams towards success and achieved the desired goals of his previous Organizations. Jasveer will be a great asset to whichever Organization he works for - Linkedin


Ravindra Dabiru, Founder, Wesyncsense

Jas as I call him is a pure with golden heart. I like him so much. I feel great whenever I speak to him, he is always a down to earth person. If been asked for any small or big work tonresolve he never says #no always says hojayega (done) and address me as #Dada which means Big Brother I simply like his simplicity. Great ethics towards life and family, this makes to say he is one who will always be honest towards what he is. A Writer by chance but look at his calibre he is unstoppable, back to back good essence of life he pendown and more he will be for sure. Language and thought process is something to admire. I am happy to have him as one my good friend and also anytime can ask for help which is practically can be done by him. God bless you Jas and family members. #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy - Linkedin


Madhavi Anand Shergill, National Training Manager, Cestbon

Jasveer is a great mentor. Kind & empathetic. He knew how to keep the team’s morale up & get the job done. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. Highly intelligent & motivated team player - Linkedin


Nivedita P, Lawyer & POSH SME

I met Jasveer few months back . He is an amazing person . He is a great writer , with a potential to become a favourite thriller writer. He has written his novels literally like a screen play. I would recommend all to read fantastic books of this amazing writer - Linkedin


Tanmay Sinha, Motivational Trainer & Founder The Transformational Lab

One of few gentleman , I have met in my life. impeccable to the core. high on integrity, trust worthy😁. amazing friend and above all a amazing hard working trainer. wacko sense of humour, with an amazing grit & determination. absolutely a delight to be with. I strongly recommend Jasveer Singh - Linkedin


Kreena Jain on Goodreads


SHAHENSHAH by JASVEER SINGH DANGI is a power adding book.A book which i am sure you all will find the best. The book is about the protagonist Shrenik Shah who survived cancer.It potrays the journey of this brave warrior.I would really like to thank the author for bringing up this topic as it is really essential to erase the misconceptions and discomforts related to CANCER.
The book teaches us how to not loose hope and keep fighting. The story of such a person is a pleasure to read and gives literal goosebumps.The author tries to explain that no matter how dark the time is we just need to keep smiling , overcome our fears and lead victory.It is all about staying positive and courageous.
The author has really penned down the words beautifully.The storyline is such an inspiration.The emotions feel very lively while reading. The language used throughout is understandable.Indeed a must read book.


Karishma Pahuja on Goodreads


‘Double One Zero (110) – Out of the Shadows’ by Jasveer Singh Dangi is a fictional story that relates us to deception and one man’s quest to find his identity. The journey to find his identity takes him across the other side of earth and then back to the capital of India. His life was a puzzle and on his way, he will try to pick up the pieces and solve the mysterious puzzle.

This story contained suspense, thriller, thirst to find one's own identity. Beginning was simple and lucid. Narration was easy to understand. Thought behind this whole concept was quite interesting. Characters were well maintained. Read was quite lengthy but simple and interesting. It had lots of twist and turns. Cover and the title were eye-catching which has brought a curiosity in reader to check out the whole suspense.

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