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Abracadabra - A Magic Potion Crafted from Stories

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As a child I was fascinated with fantasy stories involving magic, mystical creatures and grand adventures. The word ‘ABRACADABRA (ABRA-CA-DABRA)’ was a quintessential word synonymous with magical incantations and spells in all those stories and the all-powerful Magic Hat the one-stop-shop for everything you ever wanted. I had no specific topic in mind when I started writing this book, each time the Hat (my brain) worked its magic, it brought out something new just like a Magicians Hat. Just say ABRACADABRA and teleport into my world.

‘ABRACADABRA’ is dedicated to my father, Harinder Singh, who was a great storyteller himself. Every night the three of us (My sister, brother and I) would cuddle on one bed for him to tell us stories. He worked for the Government of India’s Printing Press in the small town of Nilokheri so, he was himself surrounded by a lot of interesting stories all the time. He had to continuously read through various government documents, reports, gazettes and books. He was never out of stories and he was very good at narrating them as well.

Everyday, he would come up with new stories ranging from stories from Sikhism to Panchtantra to stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata to stories about Freedom Fighters and many more. If he was not able to tell the story at night due to night shift then he would make it a point to do the same in the morning upon returning from office. I have many fond memories of him telling us stories.

Here’s to you dad…

This book is a collection of random stories which have no connection with each other; some are part of my weird imagination while others are random thoughts and precious memories. ‘ABRACADABRA’ is my first attempt at creating an Anthology. It is my attempt at presenting different stories in a single book. It is an attempt to cook a perfect potion through different stories by mixing different emotional ingredients. It is a collection of stories from my life and often weird thoughts and ideas all culminating into one book.

It has something for everyone; from adventure and thriller to horror to everyday life situations involving confusing thoughts to motivational essays and articles to stories from my childhood in the ‘80s. ‘ABRACADABRA’ is my attempt to give the readers a taste of different emotions in a single book.

* I am just a storyteller who writes stories from his heart using lucid language using my own experiences and sometimes just plain imagination. When I started writing, I had never even read a novel or any book except for what I had read in the school and college so, I had no idea what a Novel was supposed to look like. I write what I like, the way I like.

Just say ABRACADABRA and teleport into a world full of stories. See you all on the other side.

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Milind Patil
Milind Patil
Aug 16, 2022


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