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Don’t struggle, just float

The best way to learn to swim is to not to struggle and let your body relax.

The moment you relax & loosen up your body, it automatically starts floating.

The more you struggle in the water, the more difficult it will be to stay afloat. In a sense, the continuous struggle increases the weight of your body, and your body will be pulled down.

Staying calm helps one to control his/her body and stay afloat.

Staying calm keeps the body weight down and your body above the surface of the water. :)

Problems have the same effect on us. The more we struggle to solve a problem, the more frustration sets in.

Struggle increases the adverse effects of a problem on our team and us or our family members tenfold.

With frustration comes panic! If the situation is not contained on time, then the same effect will be transmitted to others & they will begin to panic as well.

Imagine this happening in a family or an organisation or a team; it’s scary…

The best way to solve a problem is to stay calm and control the things you can and not worry about things which are out of your control.

Staying calm can help you think, view the problem from different angles and come up with different solutions that suit you.

Anytime you feel that you are stuck in a situation and can’t find a solution then just sit down, relax and breathe.

This will reduce stress and hence reduce the pressure of your brain. Once the pressure is off and you are in a position to think, the solution shall present itself.

When I was a kid, my granny always said: “Praying is about remembering your god or deity while sitting still in one place. The more you move around, the more disconnected you will be from your God.”

Similarly, the best way to solve a problem is not to struggle, and stay composed, think & discuss with an open mind, and then implement.

The more you struggle, the more you will drown…

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