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Interview Times - Jasveer Singh Dangi

Thank you team for the lovely conversation :)

Q1) Tell us about the starting of your author’s journey .

Ans : I was never an avid reader and the fact that I have written so many books came as a surprise to those who knew me closely. My first book was nothing but my journal that I had written over many years. My dear friend, Chetan Singh (may god bless his soul), who himself was a published author was amazed when I shared that my journal spanned over 200,000 words. He was highly impressed with the material and suggested that I publish it. I didn’t take him seriously initially but when he persisted I started working on the first draft and a part of my journal became Version One and a Half (Version 1 ½), my first book. Even with 9 books to my name, I still don’t consider myself an author simply because I don’t read many books; I consider myself more of a storyteller than an author. My books might not be great literary works, but I am sure that they do narrate captivating stories. My aim is to continue writing stories forever.

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