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Interview with Bill Kilpack III

Honoured to be interviewed by W.D. Kilpack III for his website : W.D. Kilpack III is an award-winning and critically acclaimed internationally published writer, with works appearing in print, online, radio and television, starting with his first publication credit at the age of nine, when he wrote an award-winning poem. As an adult, his first three novels, Crown Prince, Order of Light, and Demon Seed each received the Firebird Book Award, while Crown Prince and Order of Light received The BookFest Award. Demon Seed was recently an Editor's Choice on BooksShelf and, previously, Order of Light was a Top Pick. He also received special recognition from L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest for his novella, Pale Face. He has been editor and/or publisher of 19 news and literary publications, both online and in print, with circulations as high as 770,000. He is an accomplished cook and has cooked nearly every type of food on a grill.

Que- What first got you into writing?

Ans - I was never an avid reader, so when my family got to know that I was about to publish a book, they were all surprised. I am an accidental writer because it all started with simple journaling, and journaling is what led to my first book, Version One and a Half (Version 1 ½) in 2018. Version 1.5 My first book is nothing but a collection of childhood memories that I had journalled in my diary over the years. Journaling started as a way to self-introspect and a possible way to manage stress, turned out into something which is now passion.

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