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Muneeta Aneja, Journalist and Best-selling Author, reviews the Hunter series

"Whatever it is, wherever it is, He will find it", but who is the "REAL HE", is the master stroke question? The book starts with the rich ancient tapestry of Bharat, existing as one of the most ancient civilizations still breathing, and surviving. It interacts about the foundation, rise, zenith of power, slow decline, and fall of the Mogul Empire by the first half of the 18th CE, how the Britishers ruled the ambit of the nation with their policy of divide and rule, the collision between the Sikhs & the Moguls, and the rich Zamindars who were bestowed with arms, and titles, in return of their land produce, and their taste of acquiring rare antiquities, paying lavishly for them. It is now that "The Hunter", the unknown mysterious spirit with his inseparable sword, insatiable lust for gold, a hero or a villain not yet known comes into frame. His character is shrouded in mystery, but he is acknowledged as the 'Hunter' for his invincible skill of finding antiquities, and rare objects that no one could dare find. His mysterious magical sword with intricate craftsmanship can cut through anything, any metal. With the weakened Mughal kingship, the Hunter is called upon at the Diwan-i-Khas (palace court) by the king. Here, the author takes a historical fictional narrative of the throne with the king's changed name, and certain details with the objective to form an interesting fictional story, and not collide fiction with non-fiction. As he successfully tries to sell a fake sword in the Mughal court, he is left startled to know that, the king is aware of the sword being a replica, and he was cleverly summoned for a mysterious unthinkable assignment by the king. The assignment is about finding a "Dwar", predominantly a myth, a major key of a mythological legend, and the hunter is said to have been in the quest of the same dwar before, getting closer to it than anyone else. I won't give spoilers but where will this quest of finding the unthinkable myth take the hunter? What is the famous legend that revolves around this Dwar?

Simultaneously, the author's narration describes the scenes of the Mughal and Sikh historical clashes during the era, and famous mythological lores with his own imagination in its vast sea of knowledge, and thrill. I have never witnessed such an incredible fusion of history and mythology while forming a storyline with it, without making it sound absurd. What would this quest reveal about the Hunter? Would he replenish any of his past memories while embarking on the task? Will the hunter accomplish the unthinkable? Has the king threatened him in any manner to embark on this deadly task, and if yes, then who is he fighting for?

The fast-paced thriller takes you deep into the Hunter's journey, making his way through the toughest of situations, changing geographies and landscapes to complete his remarkable quest. Myriad characters like Rehan, Ali, The Widow, Dara, Zora etc join him in this quest, while they embark on various spine-chilling adventures, discovering various legends about the Romans, the way they hid the Indian mythological traces, their gods and art being depicted in a poignant manner by the author. These characters have their own storyline, pain, and revolutionary secrets, but the most interesting one of them is "The Widow", and why is she called so? How would the hunter use his tact to save himself in this blood- soaked adventurous quest? I love how meticulous details, various empires, rulers, civilizations and their journey are being depicted in such an interesting manner, while forming an enigmatic storyline with it. The first book ends with a cliffhanger leaving readers for the unveiling of the big secret, 'Would the lives that the hunter was vouching for be saved, or would it be the onset of a new misery?'.

The first book ends with a cliffhanger leaving readers for the unveiling of the big secret, 'Would the lives that the hunter was vouching for be saved, or would it be the onset of a new misery?'. The second book of the will take the hunt forward, unveiling the mystery behind the Hunter, the quest, the characters of the book, and it's main central theme. Setting the ambience of a Post-Mogul era, heavily affected by the British Colonization, 'The Hunter Genesis: Revelation' takes you deep into the heart and soul of the historical, mythological blends with the quest of a fantasy, a treasure trove, a myth unravelled, the divine destructive godly weapons to be searched amidst the tapestry of the upheaving landscapes, or the many adventures that await the protagonist and the other characters. The Great Epic of Mahabharata takes a center stage in the plot of this book, fusing the great characters and elements of the epic with the Hunter's quest for other worldly weapons, that have wreaked havoc on the surface of the earth since time immemorial. Before these weapons get into the wrong hands, they have to be destroyed, but who would last till the end of this journey, and is there any supernatural or mythological power aiding them in the process, or does any of the characters possess them eternally? If you are a fan of mixed-fiction, where the author's imagination would drive you into a different land while they groove around the Great epics of the greatest civilizations world-wide, then this is the pick for you. The book encircles you into the inner whirlwind of emotions, morality, conscience, dilemma, and the selection of the righteous above all. This book deals with the myriad characters of the story with their distinct motives coming together as one, for the sole cause of saving the world. As the author consciously tiptoes from his vast diaspora of knowledge, switching from historical references to mythological claims to the excitement beheld around the mysterious godly weapons and treasures, driving his readers into a land of fantasy yet managing to keep it relatable, the thrill quadruples as you jump into the final segment of this book. The Character development gets even more stronger, their struggles, emotions, personal relatability can be sensed throughout the book with the author's natural flair of storytelling, his excellent plot building, and lucid narration. But, would it be possible for these characters to stay together for a common cause while they face the turmoil of constant socio-political change? And above all, would the hunter be able to discover his true genesis, get a hold over his own past, as he struggles to keep all the threads of the story together while keeping his magnetic presence at uproar? By the end, these two books would leave you satiated with their storyline, not just with the knowledge you gained, but the moral delivered by the author about our soul's own introspection, and humanity winning above all, regardless of the era, yug or generation. The adventures keep on rising, but the 2nd part of 'The Hunter Genesis' creates a unique fusion of all the previous elements of the story with the theme of Tangled and untangled emotions, and you have to know, who would die, who was always a living mystery, and who would outlast everything? Above all, how far would the 'Hunter' reach in accomplishing his mission of saving the earth and humanity with his team?

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