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ShahenShah: Story of Shrenik Shah, the Cancer Conqueror

*Shehanshah – King

‘ShehanShah – Story of Shrenik Shah, the Cancer Conqueror’, is an overview of the glorious life of Shrenik Shah, a cancer survivor and a cancer conqueror.


I am Jasveer Singh Dangi, and this is the life of Shrenik Shah through my eyes and through the eyes of countless souls he has touched throughout his journey as a cancer conqueror, as a Shehanshah. I am merely the projector, projecting his life through my words and words of others. I feel privileged and honored to have been a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to write about Shrenik Shah’s glorious life from various point of views; his family, his colleagues and his associates. I have tried to put various pieces together to present my version of his life. I hope I have been able to do justice, and I also hope that through this book, the world will be able to know him much better.

I must share that it is I who had insisted on keeping this name, ShehanShah, for the book and he was dead against calling it this. Shrenik Shah, being a humble and kind man that he is, wanted a simple name for his life story but I convinced him to go with this name because I think not all ShehanShah's wear crown and command riches, some like Shrenik Shah are ShehanShah's because they conquered their greatest adversary with brevity and true grit.

Message from Shrenik Shah – “If you are looking to add different colors, flavors and fragrances in your life in one go then read this coffee table book till the last page, and feel your desire accomplished.”

So, here’s presenting the life of Shrenik Shah for you.

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