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The Cog Publication LLP

The Cog Publication LLP is an idea born from difficulties me & Chetan Singh endured as first time writers.

The Cog is by authors for authors. The idea is to give authors a 360 degree solution where they are the King & not the other way around.

The objective of the Cog is to publish the original manuscripts, not published anywhere else and to encourages the young budding authors to provide an easy platform for the publication of their books, journals etc. etc. The cog publication also aims to publish the PhD and M.Phil theses for which degree has already been awarded by university approved and recognized by UGC. We thoroughly understand the enormous amount of dedication, sincerest and honest efforts an author puts in writing book, after years of painstaking efforts; indeed, it gets difficult to get your book published. The editor’s team of The Cog Publication understands the challenges for especially the first time writers hence; they provide them support to authors in marketing the book, planning the writing of book and ect. in order to get this dream come true. Now, it’s your turn to be an author.

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