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The Hunter Genesis - Review

Gratitude to reader, MS Khan, for creating such a wonderful pic with review of the Hunter series - Book 1 and Book 2, thank you so much!

"Picked these at book fests an year apart and I simply loved the story!

I read part 1, 'The Hunter Genesis - Whatever it is, wherever it is, he will find it', and was captivated by the fast-paced storyline and I was eagerly waiting for part 2.

“Son of a bacteria!” the wait was worth it, it deserves to be adapted for a series or a movie. Truly. the author has taken the action and adventure to the next level and Book 2, ‘The Hunter Genesis - Revelation' . The Hunters journey continues in Book 2 and he and his pals (Some new characters introduced in this part) are on the quest to find the divine weapons. Sticking to his fast-paced storytelling and quirky tongue in cheek dialogues, the author has created a marvelous storyline and another masterpiece. All action and adventure lovers will love the character reveal towards the end. Thoroughly enjoyed Book2, can’t wait for Book 3.

Most definitely it deserves more recognition. Jasveer Singh Dangi is one of those indie writers who have managed to write a masterpiece yet remains unknown even after 10 publications to his name. I would encourage avid readers to read more from indie authors." - MS Khan

The Hunter Genesis - Book 1 and Book 2 by Jasveer Singh Dangi
The Hunter Genesis by Jasveer Singh Dangi

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