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I had decided not to write anything that involved COVID-19 or the lockdown when it all started, but as the time passed and we moved through the different phases of the lockdown, it became evident that not writing about the lockdown would be a blooming irony. So, here comes ‘the musing’ of a common man.

Call it a hunch, but somehow when the first lockdown was imposed on 23rd March for 21 days, I knew that this was just the beginning and that the lockdown will not end this quickly. The elementary fact which guided my hunch was that we humans are stupid and self-destruction is ingrained in our DNA. It’s like when a panel of godly scientists in heaven was designing us, humans, a bond movie like villain cum godly scientist (too many words to describe one character) must have said, ‘What if they became too powerful and reach heaven?’ and the other godly scientists would have replied, ‘Yes absolutely. We must have a control measure in place.’

And then, the bond movie like villain cum godly scientist, with his villain like laughter would have said, ‘Let’s put a self-destruct button in all humans. Let’s give them a brain to think, and they will end up creating things which kill will them.’

So, when something like a World War or a COVID-19 pandemic happens, remember this bond movie like villain cum godly scientist’s evil laughter and know that we are destined to obliviate ourselves unless we can find a cure for this inbuilt self-destruct button.

We all hate COVID-19 because of the chaos it has created worldwide, but what if we look at it as a ‘sign’. A sign that we are close to pressing that self-destruct button that has been there in all of us since the beginning. What if COVID-19 is the result of good intentions of one of the godly scientists who created us. Though he disagreed with the bond movie like villain cum godly scientist but was too scared to oppose him and so he secretly created COVID like situations to let us know that we are close to finishing ourselves.

The air got cleaner, animals returned to places where they had not been seen for years, even decades and the world got the peace it had so badly needed because even the terrorists and bad guys are scared of getting ill because of COVID-19.

So, why not look at the bright side of this pandemic and hit the reset button?

Why don’t we all create a wall, so strong that it can never be broken, between us and the self-destruct button so that we can never press it even if we wanted?

If we can’t do this, then this is going to be the biggest opportunity we all missed. A chance to correct every wrong we have done to the mother earth, a chance to get things back as they were.

This is the time when we all need to work together to make things right; this is the time to share; this is the time to show compassion and not fight amongst over selves. This is the time to make sure that the bond movie like villain cum godly scientist doesn’t win. Just like in the Bond movies, let him laugh out loud and dole out his funny catchphrases but just like James Bond, let’s use our gadgets to come out a winner. Just like James Bond, let’s use our wit and charm to seduce the vamp called COVID-19.

The short Musing of a common man ends.

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