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10 Indian Authors Redefining Modern Literature

When you see the lineup of authors here, the feeling of disbelief is but natural. I am glad to share space with some of the most brilliant authors of our time.

Though I believe that I don't belong in this list, I am humbled & extremely happy to be featured here. Gratitude to the team of Kathmandu Tribune & Evincepub Publishing for making this happen.

Gratitude to all the publishers who have published my books over the years

For ages, we have come across the wizards of words who have mesmerized us with their craft. They have introduced us to characters who have not just enthralled us but also acted as a source of solace and motivation at times. These literary magicians have not only wielded their magic through their stories but also have served as a guiding force to humanity. They have always pushed their boundaries along with creating a meaningful impact on society. And the modern era has also been blessed with such literary artisans who have kept us on our feet with their works. At this juncture, we are putting together ten such Indian authors who are redefining modern literature...

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