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Review - The Hunter Genesis Book 1

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Book:-The Hunter Genesis

"The victory at the cost of so many lives was never really like a victory at all"

'The Hunter Genesis' by Jasveer Singh Dangi is a fantastic blend of mythology with thrill and suspense set up in the 18th century, it revolves around Mughal lord, Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Shah, who is looking for a strongest weapon to strengthen his weakest empire and he is ready to go any extent to acquire them by hook or crook.

He took the help of "Hunter" who has immense skills and abilities to acquire those weapons and become victories in this thrilling mission. The storyline is a mix of modern contemporary touch blended with mythological fiction. With rich characters and cinematic execution, author takes the readers on a thrilling ride of conspiracies filled with mythical norms.

Hunter's character is meticulously woven around heroic attributes with rough and tough personality. The thrill, adventure, drama, historical backdrop all these elements will keep the readers interest alive till the end. Jasveer's crispy narration adds a layer of suspiciousness and unpredictability in the plot.

Author's writing style is intriguing and engrossing. The mysterious character of widow is undoubtedly, one of the highlights in the story. Moreover, cover of the book is marvellous at the same time I found it loud in terms of colour themes.

Overall "The Hunter Genesis" is a fast-paced thrilling adventure saga that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Now, I am eagerly looking forward for it's next part to unravel the mystery. At last, I recommend this book to all the fiction readers who enjoys a rich and thrilling storyline.

Must read❤❤

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